如果我們翻譯,可能會變成:When you walked in, you already conquered me.

但電影裡的女主角是這麼說的:You had me at hello.



拿包零食(或數包)窩在床上,或是腳翹在沙發上看部電影吧 :)











今天要分享的是我個人很愛的「高年級實習生The Intern」




001.我非常想念她:I miss her in every way.

002.那無處可去的感覺讓我深受打擊:The nowhere-to-be thing hit me like a ton of bricks.

003.我意識到這一切的關鍵是…:I realized the key to this whole deal was to ….

004.無論雨晴:Come rain or shine.

005.這讓我有存在感:It makes me feel part of something.

006.我要怎麼度過我的餘生:How do I spend the rest of my days?

007.我愛死他們了:I love them to pieces.

008.別誤會:Don't get me wrong.

009.正相反:Quite the contrary.


011.但我們改天可以嗎:but okay if we take a rain check?

012.這點毋庸置疑:absolutely positive about that.

013.以防萬一:just in case.

014.這件事別顧慮了:You check this one off your list.

015.必須一目了然:Have to read in a glance.

016.主要是被供應商搞砸了:Major screw-up by the vendor.

017.會有幾輪的面試:There's gonna be a couple of interviews.

018.循規蹈矩可不是我們的座右銘:Business as usual is not really our motto.

019.問吧(說吧):Fire away.

020.我負責監管:I was in charge of overseeing.

021.你成功了:You nailed it.

022.這行不通:This is not going to work.

023.當然:You bet.

024.我喜歡你的風格:I like how you roll.

025.催人老:It ages you.

026.讓我給團體其他人作表率:For me to set an example for the rest of the team.

027.我知道:That's what I gather.

028.我能和任何人相處:I can get along with anyone.

029.看樣子你跟定我了:Looks like you're stuck with me.

030.這裡超隨意的:We're super cas here.

031.至少我很顯眼:At least I'll stand out.

032.隨便:Doesn't matter.

033.不是故意的:Nothing on purpose.

034.我給她發了無數次短信:I texted her a billion times.


036.他很討喜:He's a very big hit.

037.客服忙不過來:Customer service is slammed.

038.確切地說,會變成我的上司:Technically be my boss.

039.你覺得行得通嗎:Can you see that working?

040.慢慢來:Baby steps.

041.無與倫比:It's unbeatable.

042.我本打算加班:I was gonna stay late.

043.我在午餐室看過你:I spotted you in the lunchroom.

044.不說我也知道:Goes without saying.

045.消息傳得真快:Word travels fast.

046.不見不散:Be there or be square.

047.高興得不得了:I'm beyond happy at you. 

048.我睡著了一會兒:I just fell out for a second.

049.我笑到不行:Cracks me up.

050.朱爾斯的司機不見了:Jules' driver is M.I.A. (missing in action)

051.得去做幾件事:Just got to go over a couple things.

052.我注意力剛在這張棉紙上:I was fixated on this tissue paper.

053.我們讓佩吉在學校下車:We're gonna drop Paige at school.

054.馬特看上去是個很不錯的人:Matt seems like a terrific guy.

055.給我們幫了很大的忙:Totally saved our butts.

056.寶貝:Sweet pea.

057.秉持正確理念真累人:Taking the high road is exhausting.

058.剛才全是反問:That was all rhetorical.

059.我希望我們能約在另一個晚上:I'm hoping we can pick another night.

060.她每時每刻都在竭力工作:She works on all cylinders all the time.

061.我有點興奮:I'm a little freaked out.

062.我在說你呢:I'm asking you.

063.習慣了:Force of habit.

064.我需要消遣:I need a diversion.

065.我不是想拍妳馬屁:I'm not trying to brownnose you.


067.我不會這麼說:Not the word I would use.

068.卡梅隆來了提醒我一下:Ping me when Cameron gets in.

069.我每天十四小時為她累死累活:I bust my ass for her 14 hours a day.

070.你會如釋重負:You're out from under this mountain of worry.

071.讓我們重新開始:Let's clean-slate it.

072.我要幫你一把:I'm gonna save your ass.


074.社交繁忙/花花公子:Busy man about town.

075.這是紳士風度最後的遺存之一:One of the last vestiges of the chivalrous gent.

076.大家都很激動:Everyone's flipping out about it.

077.我最好還是觀望:I'm still on the fence at best.

078.真的是一件大事:It's a really big deal.

079.我無意因此而辭退誰:I don't mean to pull anyone off of that.

080.我需要幫忙:I need a favor.

081.我指望你們恩典和智慧:I am counting on your good graces and brilliance.

082.我覺得答案顯而易見(不需要說明):I think that's kind of self-explanatory.

083.你來駕駛:You're behind the wheel.

084.別亂搞:Don't screw around.

085.快一點:Double-time it.

086.我又大舌頭了:I lisp is back.

087.當時我的血壓爆表了:My blood pressure was through the roof.

088.全都搞定了:All taken care of.

089.我見過馬特好多次了:I met Matt a bunch of times.

090.很復古:It's vintage.

091.或許沒被忽視:Maybe not left behind.

092.不可思議:It's uncanny.

093.很開心:Having a ball.

094.我喜歡上一個姑娘:I have a crush on a girl.

095.妳哭什麼呢:What's with the waterworks.

096.她可不好對付:She's a total badass.

097.我只是需要一點休息的時間:I just needed a little downtime.

098.這是很難辦到的一件事:That's a hard thing to pull off.

099.這事我還是很難接受:It's still so hard for me to grasp.

100.他出軌了:He acts out.

101.婚外情:On the affair.

102.他當時前途無量: He was a rising star.

103.他辭職了:He bowed out.

104.她是個很棒的女子:She's a great gal.

105.全新的開始:It's brand-new.

106.我看不出那怎麼說得通:I don't see how that adds up.


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